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Uralkali is a leading international potash producer with a significant share of global potash production. The Companys strategy aims to ensure its comprehensive development and retain its leading positions in the sector.

Maintaining industry
leadership positions

Our vision
  • We strive to sustain a leading market position in the global fertiliser industry and contribute to the global food security
  • We are focused on meeting the worlds growing demand for food and seek to take advantage of our unique resource base
  • Net revenue
  • Revenue maximisation
  • Stimulation of growing demand for potash
  • Increasing potash capacity on the lowest cost basis in the industry; an option to add more volumes if economically viable
  • Focusing on products of the highest quality

Continued focus
on best corporate governance practices

Our vision
  • We are guided by the principles of openness, transparency,and risk minimisation for all stakeholders and are committed to continuous improvement in our effective corporate governance practices
  • Credit rating maintenance corresponding to the Companys current financial position and status
  • The Companys governance and transparency are not negatively cited by rating agencies/regulators
  • Securing our shareholders rights and interests

Focusing on enhanced relationship
with end customers

Our vision
  • We ensure secure and risk free routes to market through enhanced distribution capabilities from the mines to consumers
  • Sales volume
  • Production volume
  • Strengthening customer relationships and reliability of supply
  • Enhancing logistics platform to secure long-term supply on key markets
  • Focusing on efficient distribution on key markets
Focusing on people, communities, safety, and environment

Our vision
  • We aim to be the employer of choice in the industry
  • We are pursuing the highest level of occupational health and industrial safety practices to protect our employees
  • We take significant steps to minimise the environmental impact of our operations
  • We actively participate in the development of cities and local communities
  • Work-related fatal injury frequency rate (FIFR)
  • Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR)
  • Social investments
  • Voluntary labour turnover
  • Average annual wages (in the main production unit)
  • Energy consumption
  • Seeking to be a regional and industry employer of choice
  • Operating in a socially responsible manner and minimising environmental impact of operations

Maintaining leadership positions
in terms of cash cost of goods

Our vision
  • We seek to maintain our leading position in cost-efficiency among potash producers
  • Cash cost of goods sold
  • Maintenance CAPEX
  • EBITDA margin
  • Ensure operating performance and efficiency to provide continued industry leadership
  • Invest in existing capacity and infrastructure in order to ensure maximised margin through the commodity price cycle

Balanced approach
to investment in expansion and return
of free cash flow to shareholders

Our vision
  • We are committed to retaining a robust capital structure and maximising total shareholder return
  • Net debt/EBITDA for the last 12 months
  • Expansion CAPEX
  • Retaining an efficient capital structure
  • Maintaining balanced approach to capital investment and robust capital discipline

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